Viñales Valleys

In the town of Viñales is formed by different wonderful valleys, each with their stories, views and unique features. On the following pages you will learn the different valleys, where you select your preferred time for the tour. Single Stage, Viñales Valley is Cultural Landscape and Heritage (UNESCO), is considered the most famous tourist destination of the province by the beauty of the landscape, which highlights the hummocks, both solo and in karst mountains , alternating with valleys of snuff, the fields and farmhouses, to which the uniqueness of its flora and fauna diversity and several cave systems that rank among the most beautiful and largest in Latin America.

Among the many attractions in the area include, in addition to the valley and the hills and hillocks: the Cueva del Indio, Nightingale Valley, Palenque of the Maroons, Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás and other caves of Mahoe-Canteras system and Palmarito , San Vicente valley and the town of Viñales. The area is ideal for nature tourism and adventure (hiking and caving) and mountaineering enthusiasts can find their challenges there too. We encourage people to contact us for the necessary information can give them, thus making for you tour will be unforgettable.