La Habana


The city of Havana is the capital and almost since its founding in 1519 became the main commercial, economic and communication center due to its favored location opposite the Straits of Florida and its magnificent bay. 

Today the city is the main square for tourism on the island resting on its centennial history, the existence of superb quality beaches, incredible cultural richness which highlights the colonial center of Old Havana and its mixture of architectural styles . This is coupled with a powerful tourist infrastructure with more than 10,000 rooms in hotels and hostels and hundreds in private houses, the best and most famous restaurants and "tastes" of the country, dozens of night clubs, discos and other night spots as the famous cabaret Tropicana, marinas and facilities for all types of sports, golf courses, about 30 museums, 10 art galleries and nearly 20 theaters, making it also the cultural center of the country. Distinguished in 2013 with the Travellers' Choice award as one top ten destinations in the Caribbean, seduces with its nostalgic appearance, where time seems to have elapsed, with cars from the forties that still roam its streets. The beauty of its historic center, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is one of its main attractions, an array of colorful colonial architecture, cobbled streets and majestic forts, including art galleries, shops and bars have found their way , turning the area with a seductive bohemian identity.