The keys and islands of Cuba are sites that are little known and little explored by tourists, but they are gaining popularity and visits over time, thanks to the curiosity of some tourists. Thanks to that, we have been developing tourism infrastructure of the cays of Cuba, making it increasingly attractive as a vacation destination. 
Los Cayos in Cuba, have an interesting proximity to the second largest barrier coral of the world-400 meters extension-, which makes the tourists can enjoy amazing activities related to watching and coral walls different types of species of fish of all shapes, sizes and colors. 
These islands of Cuba, or Keys, have also been imposed as the arrival point for many colonies of flamingos and migratory birds, which are absolutely wonderful to watch and enjoy. 
Some Keys found in Cuba, or the most prominent and recommended for are Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa Lucia de Cuba and Cayo Largo del Sur. Each of them, although they have similar characteristics, has its own characteristics that make it very attractive in its own individualiad.