The oldest city in Cuba is Baracoa, the first village in the country was founded by Diego Velazquez in 1511 at the eastern end of the island. Physical isolation was maintained for 4 centuries and lush nature give it a unique feel on the island, the original layout of the town is maintained as well as culinary demonstrations danzario-own wooden architecture and unparalleled in the country. Besides the beautiful natural environment enjoyed in Baracoa in highlighting the Miel and Toa (the most mighty of Cuba) rivers, the existence of good beaches within walking distance of the town center and the rich flora and fauna, the city has intrinsic appeal and priceless cultural and historical values. 
There are 3 3-star hotel instalacione dozens of rooms in private homes in many of which also serve meals, fine dining and at least one great palate (private restaurant). Access can be by road through The Lamp, a unique scenic road and air.