Plantation tobacco



At the farmer you can start looking inside as dry snuff sheets in the dryer, which are large wooden houses that can be seen in many parts of the valley and if the planting or harvesting season you can experience the work of these farmers. After seeing everything inside, enjoy the farmer sitting next to listen as snuff start planting up as Credit cards holders to make hands to smoke. At the farmer is allowed to take pictures and ask questions if you want to know.

Swallows Cave



In the town of Viñales there are several caves, each with a different characteristic to the other. On the tour you will have the opportunity to meet a cave called: The Cave of Swallow, where he explains to the client that called the same like all its features. All are particularly significant in terms of form and originality, such as "La Cueva del Indio" is a cave, which reaches 300 meters long, inside which run 2 underground rivers. Also called "The Queen of the dens, the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás, and topografiada characterized by Dr. Enrique Nuñez Jiménez, third discoverer of Cuba, much higher, but not as accessible and perhaps not as attractive to the public general.En Indian Cave, in addition to various forms and shapes formed by the stalactites and stalagmites found paintings and remains of utensils and burials Columbian Cuban culture. Nevertheless, for those who visit, so which is extremely appealing is the boat ride along the San Vicente river which runs through it.

Prehistory Mural



 In the Valley of Two Sisters, we can find the Mural of Prehistory, which is painted on a stone elevations. This mural shows the evolution of life in a natural way in Cuba. The Mural of Prehistory is located on the hillock called Pita. It can be found in a perpendicular slope which was cleaned prior to this work, the rock was washed and drains were also made her a bit to avoid future erosion due to rain. It extends across the valley 120 and 160 meters in length, its author was Leovigild González Morillo, now deceased, who was Director of Mapping Academy of Sciences of Cuba. The guanahatabeyes Indians mammalian species, giant animals and some molluscs are represented on it. The mural can be seen in the evolutionary process of 12 pieces of men and animals in the Sierra of the Corporation, in its different stages. As peculiar feature we need to paint or touch up the existing paint on it spans a complicated and risky process that takes 5 years to complete, fully painted with a brush.




This beautiful lake you can enjoy a swim in case you Hopelessness, the water is clean, a very cool temperature, no large or dangerous animals, only small fish. You can also descansansar horses environmental observing vegetation and animals heard in his room.

Coffe House



Although coffee is not a native of Cuba, has become indispensable among Cubans, about to move to be an important part of their culture. For the vast majority of adults in this country, drink a dose of a cup of coffee, is one of the first actions of the day and liable for any meeting and a good excuse desktop. On the tour you will learn a bit more about how you plant Arabica coffee, as there are others in the country to see its final development.

Agro-Ecological Farm " The Paradise "



The Agroecológica Villa offers a breathtaking view to the Valley of Silence, like a wonderful evening. In it you can see different types of varieties of fruits, vegetables, meats and many other things. When you arrive on the farm you will know by the guide or by people working in the same all the features of the farm. Is possible to enjoy an excellent catering service with organic plantations distintintas varieties having the same, so you can run to eat outside on the terrace and enjoy incredible Organic Food Festival, including all kinds of vegetables, meat and a very tasty soup, etc.. Are enthusiastic cook like the waiters make you this an unforgettable experience. The agroecological farm is the last place of the tour to visit, so if you want to be able to stay and enjoy the view which has the same and dining services.

Gallery: Places of The Silence Valley

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